Join forces with other Karma Club Members from countries around the world in a battle against other factions to save the Human Race from the Six Deadly Plagues: Climate Change, Pollution, Overpopulation, Pandemics, War and Terrorism.


Karma Club

Select your team from countries around the world and unite with other members of the Karma Club in the race to save humanity from extinction.


It’s the battle between the forces of Civility, Ethics, Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship Vs. Governmental Power, Individual & Corporate Greed and Unbridled Tech.


What you do in the game doesn’t just stay in the game — it has life-changing implications in your community and the world.

Karma Clubs

Members do daily Planned Acts of Kindness, volunteer and use Social Activism to provide Quality of Life for all

Karma Coalitions

Collection of Karma Club Members from different countries that mobilize to effect positive change in governments and companies for the health of people and the planet

Pro Earthers

Welcome the force of Mother Nature with the goal of turning back the clock thousands of years even if it means human life on this planet will be reduced by 95%

Pro Techies

Tech Rules and advances in automation are more important than Quality of Life for people

Pro Trekkies

Think that the Earth is doomed and
our only hope is to populate other worlds

Pro Capita

Money is all that matters. Other forces aren’t their concern, it’s all about the fast buck.

Karma Club Country Selection:
The number of countries each Karma Club Member controls is based on the number players that begin the game:
Karma Club           Control
Members:              Countries
2                                  10
3                                  6
4                                  5
5                                  4
6                                  3
7                                  3
8                                  2
Game Play:
Pick your Karma Club countries and place them on the Earth. Each player has to move their countries down a different path until all the pathways have been used. Players cannot use the same pathway two turns in a row. Once you move down a pathway into the outer ring you must stay in the outer ring.

Each Player rolls two dice and must move two of their Karma Club countries during that turn. Once a player has moved all their countries to the outer circle, they can then move in either direction on the wheel.

When you land on a card, you are required to honor it, whatever the outcome. The objective is to land on more Karma Club cards than other cards to achieve more positive outcomes. Three types of Cards:  Karma Cards; Tipping Point Cards; Faction Cards

Team Connections:
When you land on another Karma Club country you are then linked and become a team.

Karma Coalitions:
Once you have teamed up with three countries you are now a Karma Coalition. When a Karma Coalition ends their movement and lands on a continent, they establish a permanent Karma Coalition Stronghold.

Karma Coalition Strongholds:
stay in place on their respective continents, and the countries no longer have to move. Their movement turns are taken out of the rotation.

Every complete round (all Karma Club members have moved all their countries) is the equivalent six months in real life.

To Win & Save the Human Race:
Position Karma Coalition Strongholds on all continents around the world before the 10-year Tipping Points window closes in 20 turns. The Karma Club Member with the most countries under their color banner becomes the Regent of new World Order.


Each Player rolls two dice and must move two of their Karma Club countries during that turn. Once a player has moved all their countries to the outer circle, they can then move in either direction on the wheel.


Once you choose your countries, you are then prompted to choose your Karma Club Color. Your Identification Color will appear on the outer ring of your Karma Club Countries.
When it becomes a Members turn, their Karma Coin will appear on top of their Team or Coalition. When a Karma Club Member successfully moves a Karma Coalition to a continent and it becomes a Karma Coalition Stronghold, all other Member colors in that Coalition change to match that Members Identification Color.


Map links to OnePlanet-OnePeople.Com website showing videos from countries done by locals in their native language.
1. PAK Pledge
2. Kindness Shared Story
3. Problem in their country & what needs to be done to solve it.

More Information

Karma Stickers & Coins:
Stickers from each Country
Coins from each Country


Karma Clubs
Karma Coalitions
Pro Earthers
Pro Techies
Pro Trekkies
Pro Capita

Tipping Points:
Loose Turn
Split TeamKarma Club
Daily PAKS
DonationsKarma Cards
Tipping Points

Problems Each Of The Continent Face:
• Africa: Pandemics, Hunger
• Europe: Fires
• Asia: Air Pollution, Water Pollution
• North America: Weather, Inequality, Health care
• South America: Energy
• Australia: Heat & Species Devastation
• Antarctica
• Zealandia

Pollution, Warming, Storms,
Conquered Climate Change, Pollution & Overpopulation
Combat Pandemics, Terrorism & War

Notes: Factions break up teams and coalitions

Go On-line:
Continent Facts
Integrate Real World Social Media Outreach into the game for bonuses …

Buy Companies That Pollute And Takeover:
Revamp educational system
Youth Learn & Earn
Basket & Bonding
Kindness Quotes in Game
Financial Literacy & Planning
Fundraising Items
Outreach & Activities
Events & Education
Corporate Social Responsibility

An Education & Action Game for 2-8 Players, Ages 10-Adult, 75-125 minutes.

• 14” Box
• 28” x 28” Board
• Rule Brochure
• 24 Country Coins
• 2 Dice
• 3 Card Decks
• 1 Sticker
• 1 Wristband
• On-Line Tie-Ins
• Free Offers
• Discount Offers
• Rewards & Prizes