The S.A.W. Challenge

Connecting People With Smiles  (CPS)

Help Launch The Most Important Revolution The World Has Ever Experienced & It All Starts With You & A Smile

“Veni, Vidi, Connexum”

I Came ~ I S.A.W. ~ I Connected

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S.A.W. ~ Smile & Wave

Challenge Your Group • Take & Post Pictures • Ask Group to Make Chains

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Do The S.A.W. Chain Challenge!

Life is not always easy. We all get caught up in our day to day & we don’t always take the time to be good to ourselves or kind to others

  • It Starts with You & a Ripple. Ripples Become Waves. Waves Become Tsunamis of Change

  • If We Act Like We Are One Planet One People? It Will Be a Wonderful World

  • Students Around The World Starting & Ending Each Class

  • Faith-Based Orgs Starting & Ending Congregations

  • Companies Starting & Ending Remote & In-Person Meetings

  • Government Agencies Doing The Same

  • Sporting Events Where The Entire Stadium S.A.W.

  • Kids, Teens, Adults, Greeting/Leaving Others With Respect, Kindness, Gratitude

Wouldn’t Your Day Be A Bit Nicer If You Give & Receive A Few Extra Smiles & Waves Along The Way?