One Planet – One People
The Fight For Survival Of The Human Race

Karma Club

Select your team from countries around the world and unite with other members of the Karma Club in the race to save humanity from extinction.


It’s the battle between the forces of Civility, Ethics, Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship Vs. Governmental Power, Individual & Corporate Greed and Unbridled Tech.


What you do in the game doesn’t just stay in the game — it has life-changing implications in your community and the world.

Game Play:
Join forces with other Karma Club Members around the world while battling other factions in order to save the Human Race from the Six Deadly Plagues.

To Win & Save The Human Race:
Position Karma Coalitions on all continents around the world before the 10-year Tipping Points window closes. (20 rounds)

An Education & Action Game for 2-8 Players,
Ages 10-Adult, 45-60 minutes.

• 14” Box
• 28” x 28” Board
• Rule Brochure
• 24 Country Coins
• 2 Dice
• 3 Card Decks
• 1 Sticker
• 1 Wristband
• On-Line Tie-Ins
• Free Offers
• Discount Offers
• Rewards & Prizes