The UN has an International Day called “I am with you” to combat suicide globally mostly from a student youth perspective.

During the event I introduced two programs to the panelists and attendees that could aid them in achieving their objectives:

I proposed creating a Mental Health Special Edition of our book “16 Things We Can Do To Act Right & Help Save The Planet!” that would educate people on Mental Health issues and solutions fueled by 32 Featured Experts in the field. We would produce and distribute 100,000 copies of the book to schools, churches/temples and other NPOs and NGOs.

The books are also used to form the basis of “One Planet-One People Social Responsibility Workshops” where people get together over 8-12 weeks, read from the book the problems and the solutions (the what, the why and the how) the experts say to do, and then have discussions and action plans about the issues.

The books and workshops are great tools that can get people educated and motivated to take action while building the two keys needed for happier, healthier lives:  1) healthy relationships and 2) stronger community ties.

After this was introduced, the audience clapped something that they only did occasionally even after a panelist spoke. The panelists seemed to love the approach and got very engaged. Afterwards I met with several of them and they expressed their desire to become a part of the program.

Later during the event, I proposed using our Daily Planned Acts of Kindness platform as a way to get people engaged and out of their feelings of loneliness by positively connecting with others as well as the community through free membership in the Karma Club. This program has the added benefits of recognizing and rewarding members based on their achievements as well.

Action Plan:  Follow-up and pull together 32 mental health experts to become featured contributors for the book “16 Things We All Can Do To Act Right & Help Save The Planet: Mental Health Special Edition.”  Click here to learn more about the book and workshop series.

Volunteers: To help with the development and engagement of Mental Health programs, volunteers are needed in many fields including app development, business, communications, education, English, event planning, fund-raising, grant writing, graphic design, health & wellness, IT, journalism, psychology, public policy, public relations, publishing, social media, web development, etc. Please contact us directly through the following link:

Important Note:  If you are suffering from any mental health issues it’s important to seek help. You’re not in it alone and there are people who care and want to help.