2020: The Year of World Kindness. Help us reach 1 Billion Planned Acts of Kindness!


Programs are available for Clubs, Teams, Schools, Churches/Temples, NPOs/NGOs, Government Agencies & Businesses.

Help Us Launch The Most Important Revolution The World Has Ever Experienced:

Planned Acts Of Kindness

Making the World a Better Place, One PAK at a Time

What is PAK?

Planned Acts of Kindness is a global outreach program where people wake up and on their cell phones, computers and devices there is a new daily planned act of kindness that they can do with their family, friends, co-workers and in their community.

The goal is to have tens of millions of people around the country, hundreds of millions of people around the world, waking up and doing the same act of kindness on the same day, and unleashing that much powerful, positive energy in the world.

Become a Member & Join the “Karma Club”!
“The More You Do, The Greater Your Rewards”


The Karma Club Explained

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How can you help make a positive change in the lives of others?

The answer is simple: Act. That’s all it takes. And Planned Acts of Kindness provides the system that makes it easy, gratifying and impactful.

Read though our programs and learn how small Planned Acts of Kindness and our other outreach, engagement, education, inspiration and action programs can make a difference in our quest for “Quality of Life” for all.

So “Be The Hero” and have the positive energy you put out in the world helping others, and then, may it also come back to help you, your family and your future.

And all you have to do to get started is follow one small word: Act.

Planned Acts of Kindness — The Organization

A Global Platform based on Outreach, Engagement, Education, Inspiration & Action

To help solve Global Social Issues we need to break the existing model of Fractional Organizational Achievements. We have One Planet & One People on this planet and Planned Acts of Kindness has the unifying System and Programs to successfully bring people together — from the *grassroots up to the **top-down — in countries around the world.

Planned Acts of Kindness works to engage, educate, inspire and unite people from all walks of life through a variety of programs that promote action on shared goals and objectives that work for the betterment of kids, people, and the planet. Our Vision is to have hundreds of millions of people around the world working together as one to help solve the problems that confront Quality of Life for All on our planet.


The Karma Club is a community of people that perform Planned Acts of Kindness, Engagement, Volunteerism and Support each month. Membership is 100% free, and “The More You Do, The Greater Your Rewards …” In short, we gamified Karma. Do a preset number of activities each month and automatically level up and be eligible to win prizes that we give away every day to random members of the Karma Club.


The Daily PAKs give us the system to get the key to making it all happen. Each day you’re given a new Planned Act of Kindness that you can do with friends, family, co-workers and in your community. Share your experiences on social media and inspire others to take action. This is the ripple effect on steroids. “We’re all in this together” is not just words, it has to be ingrained in the actions of our daily lives.

“One Planet-One People” is the Global Social Responsibility Movement that grew out of Planned Acts of Kindness. 1POP brings the Mission, Vision and programs of Planned Acts and 16 Things Kids Can Do into schools, churches/temples, NPOs/NGOs, governments and businesses, and is actively working on all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Karma Club

Four Activities & You Can Change the World

The Karma Club is a Global Action Program that provides a Recognition and Rewards System to promote greater Civility, Social Responsibility & Global Citizenship on a local, national and worldwide basis.

Each month there are four different achievements that you can do as a member of the Karma club where you have the opportunity to level up and be eligible for free gifts that we give away every day to random people. In short, we gamified Karma: The more you do, the greater your rewards!

Daily Planned Acts of Kindness

The What: Daily Planned Acts of Kindness. The Whys: We all deserve to live happier, healthier lives. The key to achieving this is quality relationships and a greater sense of community. Exactly what doing your Daily Planned Acts, Engagement, Volunteeering and Support provides. Another why is because we need to change this culture of “me vs them” that is dividing and killing us. In order to do that, we have to have a system that we can easily access and do, and that allows us and others to see the tangible results of our actions, and recognizes and rewards us for our actions.



The What: Engagement — Spreading the word and having new people join the Karma Club. The Whys: We are all in this together: One Planet One People. In order to solve these global issues: Lack of civility, climate change and the tipping points, we need hundreds of millions of people on-board working together on common problems with a common focus —  taking personal responsibility on issues. Another benefit of engagement through the Karma Club is the ability to connect with members on a daily basis and having people take collective action on solving issues.



The What: Volunteerism. No matter where you are in the world you can volunteer and work on PAK related programs in your own country, in your own language. Based on your interests, you get to choose what projects you want to work on: Clubs, books, workshops, events, courses, programs, activities. The Why: We walk the walk by matching people’s interests with our engagement and action programs, giving people the opportunity to do what they love — rather than just doing what they’re told. Get empowered to make an impact in the world and Be The Hero!


The What: Support can come in many forms from traditional cash donations to the offering of goods or services — all are welcome. The Why: We need your support to help put out our engagement, education and action programs: From books to courses events and activities.  The more support we have, the more we can develop, and the more people we can reach and get engaged. Remember, we’re all in this together, and only together will we be able to get the outcomes we need and desire for ourselves and other people around the world.


About Our Non-Profit Organization

The Mission, The Vision & Making It Happen

About Us:

Planned Acts of Kindness is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization working to achieve Quality of Life for everyone through innovative programs that foster collaboration with governments, businesses and non-profits.

Our Goals:

Full worldwide engagement in 190+ Countries through Clubs, Books, Workshops, Courses, Events, Games, Programs and Activities; and, full-scale engagement with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision & Dreams:

Our 1POP Movement has engaged the world with Clubs established in Schools and Communities globally. 16 Things Books and Workshops are positively affecting hundreds of millions. And we are all connecting through our World Video Map.

Making It Happen:

To bring about Quality of Life for All, we must work together. We must demonstrate Consistency, Persistency & Insistency. We must Live Life with: Desire, Determination, a Willingness to Learn, and take Action. Only then may we have QLA.

Structure of Planned Acts of Kindness

Planned Acts of Kindness is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that works in conjunction with other organizations to provide a wide range of programs that work for “The Betterment of Kids, People and the Planet.”

The One Planet One People Movement was born out of necessity to change the culture of how we deal with global social problems that we all face. The Tipping Point problems affect everyone, without regard to race, education, income, religion, gender, age, nationality, or border. And if we truly are One Planet with One People on the Planet then we need one binding constitution that provides the framework that we all should live by; hence, The Karma Constitution: “We, the children of world, unite …”
Planned Acts of Kindness is a global social responsibility outreach platform designed to help people achieve better Quality of Life through education and action programs without regard to race, nationality, religion, age, gender, health, wealth, or education. To achieve this QLA objective there are multiple programs (clubs, books, workshops, courses, events, activities) that operate on a grassroot level and top-down basis (through organizational members of institutions) to engage and inspire people to action.
The United Nations has spent years developing and implementing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that governments are working to reach by 2030. Planned Acts and 16 Things understand the importance of government, business and organizational collaboration in all of these areas if we hope to provide for the well-being of people around the world. Therefore, all of the engagement, education, inspiration and action programs that our organizations put forth have some direct tie-in to the SDGs.
16 Things Kids Can Do is a nonprofit organization (NPO) that runs many of the education programs with Planned Acts of Kindness including the 16 Things’ Book/One Planet One People Workshop series and the One Planet One People and Eight Foundation Skills Courses. Both Organizations work together to engage five groups of people (students, employees, owners, retirees and the unemployed) while working in conjunction with five groups: Schools, Church/Temples, Non-Profits, Gov’t and Businesses.

Learn more about us

Planned Acts of Kindness is a Global Social Responsibility Platform that works with five groups of people — students, employees, owners, retirees and the unemployed — in collaboration with five groups — schools, churches/temples, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, government agencies and businesses — to provide education and action plans to help solve global issues and provide better Quality of Life for all.


One Planet One People Clubs can be established by anyone in schools and communities anywhere around the world. The mission of the club is to enhance people’s Quality of Life through the application of Planned Acts of Kindness and 16 Things’ programs. People start or join a club and then based on their interests participate in outreach and engagement programs designed to inspire others to take action for benefit of themselves, others and the planet. The goal is to have clubs in schools and communities in every country on the planet. And club activities help connect people, and build stronger relationships and communities, locally and globally.


16 Things’ Special Edition books are designed to educate people and have them take action on serious issues that we face in our lives. Each book presents 16 problems on a particular topic, how we normally handle the problem, and then what the experts say what we need to do, and why we need to do, to help solve that problem.

The books are expert reference books that also form the basis for “One Planet One People” Workshops where people get together over 8-12 weeks, read out loud from the book and then have a discussion group that talks over the issues and action plans. The workshops are peer-to-peer support groups that anyone who has the book is free to set up.


Planned Acts and 16 Things are developing a series of courses designed to enhance people’s health, happiness, and well-being. Courses will be available online or through instructor training and will have several certification levels in each course. One Planet One People Quality of Life Course Series (4-Courses): Civility, Social Responsibility, Volunteerism, and Global Citizenship. Foundation Life Skills Series (8-Courses): Communication, business, marketing, management, office technology, research, problem-solving, and time management. Financial Literacy and Planning Money Matters Mastery Course Series (6-Courses). Educators in all countries are needed.


In order for our organizations to reach the objectives of having millions of people participate worldwide, we have developed numerous additional programs to support our engagement, education, inspiration and action mission: 2020 – The Kindness Civility Pledge; Kindness Shared Stories; World Video Map; The Year of World Kindness; 100 PSAs in 100 days; 20 Crazy Ambitious Things I Can Do.

But even more importantly, we partner with other organizations to help them achieve their objectives through our programs: Sustainability; Corporate Social Responsibility; Custom Benefit Programs; Be The Hero: Leadership, Recognition & Rewards; Customized Branded Books; Sponsorships. Lastly, whenever possible webring other organization’s programs into the fold so we can help support their mission as well as our own.


Events are another way for us to achieve our mission through outreach, engagement, education, inspiration and action.Throughout the year we participate in a wide variety of events held by other organizations including the United Nations; Universities; Religious organizations; NPOs/NGOs; Government Agencies and Businesses.

As we grow, we will hold Summits and events around the world in collaboration With governments, NGOs/NPO’s and companies in order to educate and inspire people around the world. Each year, events and summits are connected to a predominant theme: 2020 The Year of World Kindness; 2021 The Year of the Youth. The goal is to have an ever-increasing number of events, held around the world held on the grassroots level, that help inspire people to action. Locally, nationally and globally: One Planet – One People.


Because people enjoy engaging in different ways, combining education and entertainment through games is a wonderful way to connect large numbers of people to our education in action missions. The digital game “One Planet One People: The Fight for Survival of the Human Race”(Summer 2020) connects people to all 190+ countries through videos and database. Choose the countries you represent, then work to form teams and coalitions with other members of the Karma Club. Everyone who plays the game is working together to learn more about the consequences and solutions to stopping the Tipping Points on these global issues: Climate Change, Pollution, Overpopulation, Pandemics, Terrorism and War. But as you discover, there are factions with their own agendas: Pro Capitas; Pro Techies; Pro Trekkies and Pro Earthers. Can you unite the world to save humanity in time?

Did you know our mission includes:

Planned Acts of Kindness is part of the Global “One Planet – One People” Movement that is working to stop the major problems of the world from reaching their tipping points and negatively affecting the Quality of Life of billions of people on the planet.

Climate Change

Global warming is taking place 10 times faster than any time in the past 65 million years. Rising water levels, warming oceans, increased volatility of weather conditions are leading to more frequent and violent storms, and the mass extermination of plants and animals. If unabated, we may end up killing the very things we need to sustain our survival on the planet.

Pollution / Overpopulation

Pollution is one of the biggest killers, affecting more than 100 million worldwide. More than one billion people worldwide don’t have access to safe drinking water.

The global population increased by a billion people between 1999 and 2011, mostly in developing nations where resources are already limited.


When the global population was 450 million in the 1340s, as many as 200 million people are estimated to have died from the Bubonic Plague.

Today, with countries being connected globally within the span of hours and the population approaching seven billion, a pandemic may have the capability of wiping out billions.

War & Terrorism

Families, communities and countries have been ripped apart because of the devastation caused by terrorists, foreign and increasingly domestic.

Over 500 billion people have died as a direct result of war violence. In a nuclear war, 90% of the surviving population will likely die from starvation as the world’s crops perish due to climate change.

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Jack Canfield “Chicken Soup For The Soul” interviews
PAK Founder, Lyle Benjamin on Success TV

Get Involved & Be The Hero!

Kindness Month

PAK Founder, Lyle Benjamin, speaks at the UN

… on how Planned Acts of Kindness, 16 Things Books and Workshops can be valuable tools in providing needed education and prevention for Mental Health issues worldwide.

Columbia University Sustainability Symposium

Lyle Benjamin spoke about the need for a unified approach to solving climate change and asked the panel to address the problems associated with using the current fractional approach.

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Together we can help make the world a better place by each doing our part. If even half of the people reading this website right now start to make an effort to be kinder to each other it would go a long way to healing our differences and in turn will start to heal the planet. Together we can help avoid the tough times we live in. We must make an effort to make the planet healthy for our children.

By participating with us on social media it will show a wider audience the kindness you are putting out everyday and in time others will do the same. People get inspired by others good deeds, the more you do, the more people will join the movement to be kinder to each other as well as pay attention to the planet as a whole.

We invite you to join us on both Facebook and Twitter to spread the kindness. Feel free to post a message on our Facebook page or tag us in a Tweet. You can also use our hashtags like #PlannedActsOfKindness #KarmaClub and #ItsMyPlanet.

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